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New York Daily News | Nov 28, 2021 at 3: 00 AM Justice was served in the Arbery case Peters Township, Pa.: It is a special season of Thanksgiving, not only for the loving family of the slain Ahmaud Arbery but for all who believe in equality and justice under the law. The guilty verdicts against the killers were initially improbable. The case did not come to light until months after the murder and only through the release of a video of it. The crime took place in the Deep South. The defense succeeded in allowing only one Black juror on the panel of 12 within a community that is 27% Black. In his name. (HANDOUT) The lead defense attorney had the audacity to plead for there to be no more Black pastors in the courtroom. I imagine the defendants felt that they would be shielded by the citizen’s arrest provision of Georgia law that was in effect at the time of the murder, but the jury looked at the facts and rightfully concluded that the law did not extend to allowing vigilantism for armed men to hunt down and kill a Black man on the mere suspicion that he may have committed a crime. As President Biden said, Ahmaud Arbery should have been alive to celebrate Thanksgiving with his parents this year. He was tragically taken at the dawn of what would otherwise likely have been decades of vibrant life. May the verdict in this case provide consolation for those who loved this man. May it serve as a lesson to those who might be inclined to shoot to kill those who do not look like them on the grounds of suspicion. The name Ahmaud Arbery will surely endure as a part of history, signifying a case in which justice was served. Oren Spiegler Manhattan: Props to the Arbery jurors for convicting those three slugs of murder (and apologies to the slugs for dissing them). H.D. Kayne Dover, Del.: The trial of the three men who murdered Ahmaud Arbery will linger in the annals of the history of racism in our courts for a very long time. I have read dozens of articles about racism, overt and subconscious, in our courts. But this trial takes the prize. One idiot lawyer, Kevin Gough, has made numerous racist remarks, been admonished by the judge and continues to try to defend his hateful remarks. Another, Laura Hogue, referred to Arbery’s “long, dirty toenails.” What!? If he did have long, dirty toenails, it is totally irrelevant. Moreover, I have participated in more than 700 trials and viewed or read thousands more — never have I seen such a blatant attempt to evoke racial hatred of the victim. Both lawyers should be censured or even disbarred for such conduct. You, the public, should voice similar concerns about racism — and lawyers who foster it — poisoning the system. Ken Abraham Floral Park: Mayor de Blasio is going to run for governor — did I hear that right? Do all the people living in NYCHA housing think that’s a good idea? Do you think everyone on Rikers Island is doing the happy dance? Bea Dunne Brentwood, L.I.: Dear Voicer Robert Rundbaken: It appears that you read something in my letter that wasn’t there. Let me clarify my position for you: Anyone who defies a congressional subpoena by refusing to appear should be indicted. Then, let the court system decide if they were justified in not appearing. If found to be unjustified, they should be punished. I don’t think that my position should be referred to as “clever” when all I did was state facts and express an opinion. W.J. Van Sickle Manhattan: Do we need any more incentive to bring manufacturing back to the U.S. than the lack of delivery from Asian sources? Did I mention that we are radically reliant on China for life-and-death medical products? They now have a dominance that is a major threat to the security of our country. We sure are stupid! Michael Malewich Yonkers: You used to need a mask and a gun to rob people. Now all you need is a gas pump. During the OPEC-created gas shortage of the 1980s, either NYC or N.Y. State, I don’t remember which, imposed a 15-cents-per-gallon profit limit on gas sales to prevent price gouging. While supply and demand are the strongest factors in determining prices, government intervention was needed to protect the public from price abuse. I’m calling on our elected officials to get off their butts and protect the people, which is the purpose of their political existence. If nothing is done by government to help us, I am calling on the American people to help ourselves with a day- or week-long gas embargo of our own. Using social media, select a day or week nationwide when nobody buys gas. If our government does not do it’s job, we must do it ourselves. Mark Bloom Carmel, N.Y.: Another senseless tragedy reported in the Daily News (“Biker loses control and dies in Qns.,” Nov. 21). Instead of celebrating Thanksgiving, his family had to celebrate his life at a funeral service. Here in Putnam County, a 22-year-old man died recently when his speeding cycle crossed into the oncoming lane of traffic and slammed into a vehicle carrying a woman and her daughter. How many more lives will be lost due to the senseless and often reckless operation of two-wheelers? An acquaintance who regularly rides his bike in Spring, Summer and Autumn never leaves his home unless wearing Kevlar riding gear. He was involved in a crash recently and had it not been for the protective suit, another family might have been mourning a loss last week. Motorcycles are dangerous — reckless operation can become suicidal. If you must ride, protect yourself with suitable riding attire. Eric Gross Wayne, N.J.: In “What Dems should offer parents now” (op-ed, Nov. 19) Justin Krebs does a masterful job outlining what Democrats need to do to regain the support of disgruntled parents who deserted the party in the recent elections. He attributes that desertion to school closures and remote learning necessitated by the COVID pandemic and to the fear of critical race theory becoming part of public school curriculum. Krebs’ proposal needs to be read by every parent, guardian and caregiver in America. His advocacy for smaller class size, structural improvements, appropriate technology, urban and rural broadband, universal after-care, funding for arts and sports programs, paid sick leave and parental collaboration should be embraced by any parent with a child in public school. The real challenge for Mr. Krebs and the Democrats is to convince those disgruntled parents that the Republicans have no interest in public school education. Their most recent secretary of education, Betsy DeVos, should serve as proof. Joseph Verilla Brooklyn: It’s strange how people coming to this country legally had to wait for travel restrictions to be lifted, while others come in illegally at the Mexican border with no travel restrictions. If an incoming tourist loses her child at Kennedy Airport, will she get $450,000 from the government? Do tourists have to pay for a cab from the airport, or will the government give them a lift to their destination? Where’s the equality? Josh Greenberger Raleigh, N.C.: One of the earliest Christian documents is the Didache. Translated, it means “teachings” and it was written by the followers of Jesus before the year 100 AD. While many so-called Christians support abortion and various other sins, in the document it is stated that Jesus said abortion is murder and the way of death. So why would any real Christian go against the word of Jesus? Maybe the many disasters we are experiencing are because the country is headed in opposition to God’s laws with same-sex marriage, corruption, transgenderism, infanticide, drugs, violence and abortion. The Old Testament has several examples of God’s revenge on individuals and groups that oppose His laws. Maybe the fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, pandemic, and other disasters we are experiencing are the result. Joseph John Rothengast The Daily News Flash Newsletter Weekdays Catch up on the day’s top five stories every weekday afternoon.
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