Honduras gets its first female President as leftist Castro storms towards victory


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Greetings, Honduran here. Will add some info on the situation:

With more than 50% of electoral urns (precints?) reporting, Xiomara Castro holds a 53.6% to 33.7% lead, and most of us consider the results to be clear and final barring foul play.

Castro is the first woman president in Honduras history. Women fought for, and got, the right to vote in 1955. It will be the first government in our modern history NOT ruled by either one of the traditional parties Partido Nacional (in power currently) and Partido Liberal. Participation was the highest in decades and probably ever. Most analyst seem to think youth vote coming out in incredible force was a huge factor.

Partido Nacional in power has long, long been accused (an in many cases proven guilty of) corruption and being cozy with narcotrafico. For many hondurans, the election was not an ideological issue as it is being framed, but an opportunity to get rid of a criminal organization that for too long has been entrenched in power. The whole "charter cities" thing also backfired spectacularly on PN. And yeah for many others it was about left and right.

Libre is both a coalition and a confusing mixture itself. A coalition in that a number of political entities, very much NOT to the left of the political spectrum decided to join forces behind Xiomara´s bid on the hopes of taking partido nacional down. A confusing mixture in that, even if the party platform calls for socialismo, if you take a look at their propposals there is nothing outright revolutionary in there. No workers own factories here. And many of their hardcore supporters are very much at odds in, well, everything.

For many of us, there were too many things related to basic human decency at stake in this election not to vote and get out the vote. PN is corrupt as hell, their campaign was homophobic and insulting. One of their main slogans was "we don´t want to see 2 men kissing". Libre has included a little bit about LGTBI rights on their platform and it´s the first time any of the main political party in Honduras have done so. Same for women´s rights to abortion (non existent in the country, not even after-rape pills) and LIbre has included that right in the case of: rape, fetal non viability, danger to mother´s life.

In economics: mm a lot of what they offer I personally see no financial way it can be achieved, so a bit of empty promises there, but when a country has been sacked as completely as Honduras has in the last 10 years, the little stuff that might work will do good. And more environmental protections (as opposed to nada) are sorely needed.

LIBRE has it´s share of shady characters mind you, more than a few mentioned in the past in relation to corruption, but nowhere near PN which has behaved as an outright mafia: Libre also brings to government a very difficult to maintain coalition, and their "socialist" rhetoric will clash with the very right wing policies of many of their allies, we´ll see how it works. It´s not black and white here, is what I´m saying.

Note: apologies for edits. On re-reading I always catch a word or phrase that I misspelled or constructed badly. English is not my first language.

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