Russia will act if Nato countries cross Ukraine ‘red lines’, Putin says


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Putin trying to look tough by massing about 100,000 troops at Ukraine's eastern border. It's all for show, the world knows it. So he's kind of looking like an idiot here. That is all.

He has no realistic moves.

Putin's worried that if NATO agreed to move troops into Ukraine, his Ukraine gambit is completely ended. Reason being is that Putin would never attack NATO troops which would bring the U.S. and most of Europe to the defense of those troops (and Ukraine by default.)

Thus Putin's ridiculous "red line" threat.

Chances are nothing comes of it. There are probably better chances of NATO calling his bluff and moving hardware and/or troops into Ukraine. At that point, game over. Putin will throw a tantrum like a child. Threaten to cut off natural gas supplies to Europe (which he can't afford to do, because that's a good portion of their GDP) and threaten to attack.

NATO would respond by saying, "fk around and find out."

Putin would back off and try to do something lame to save face.

Since he knows this is the most likely outcome of any action vs. NATO troops or an invasion of Ukraine, Putin is about to puff out his chest, talk ish, and then back way off.

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