‘This is politically-motivated strategy’: Concerns of Critical Race Theory persist in Mississippi – WDAM


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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Recently, Governor Tate Reeves called for the removal of Critical Race Theory from schools in the state and even said he would use state money to ban it from the classroom.It’s a hot topic that keeps growing here in Mississippi: Critical Race Theory.It is a cross-disciplinary intellectual movement that deals with exploring the role of race and racism in society and public policy.“The mere fact that Blacks are considered to be 3/5 of slaves in the Constitution, why wouldn’t we teach that? The dehumanization of Black people today is a direct function of these type of laws that Blacks were not human, that they were property” said Jackson State University Professor, Dr. D’Andra Orey. State Senator Chris McDaniel sees Critical Race Theory as a way to divide and not unite and says it paints America as a racist society.“Let’s not kid ourselves here, let’s talk about the core premise behind Critical Race Theory. The idea is this society is systemically racist. Yet, systemic racism has been outlawed and banned since 1964. There are dozens, if not hundreds of statues and regulations, not just federally but in the states, that prohibit discrimination. It doesn’t exist,” he stated.Although it is not being taught in public schools in Mississippi, he plans to propose a bill that would keep it out of the classroom in the future.“Absolutely it should be banned, absolutely it should not be part of the curriculum, and teachers who teach it should have to find new jobs,” he continued.McDaniel joins Reeves in this fight. In fact, during a recent budget proposal announcement, the Governor said he wants to use 3 million dollars toward this effort.“Schools in Mississippi don’t teach Critical Race Theory. Critical Race Theory is not a K-through-12 curriculum,” said Corey Wiggins.Wiggins is the executive director of the Mississippi NAACP. He says instead of those leaders focusing on Critical Race Theory, they should turn their attention to bigger problems.“This is politically-motivated strategy, or a political motivation, to use issues or to leverage issues to get people riled up about things that don’t exist. I th ink parents who have children is schools, when they wake up each and every day they’re concerned about is that their kids are going to an environment that is healthy and safe.”Monday evening, Governor Reeves’s team sent this statement in regards to Critical Race Theory: Copyright 2021 WLBT. All rights reserved.
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