Greece to fine people over 60 who have not been vaccinated


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Science is a theory, I have a theory, you have a theory, General Relativity is a theory, Gravity is a theory (why objects attract).

In Science, we both present theories, and as time goes on, one will continue to be true and the other will fail, then we accept the prevailing theory until it fails.

Currently, two theories are presented, and one is immediately labelled conspiracy (which in the past has been reserved to more X-File stuff, now its in real world outcomes) and the other is accepted as true and evidence of the other theory being incorrect.

Now as time passes, the correct theory has been playing out, but already labelled conspiracy, while the accepted theory continues to fail, and the only proof of its being true is the proof of the conspiracy being wrong.

Since there is not much to say against "well they predicted this, and you said 0% chance, and now its 100% real" except well you guessed it "they are crazy, and actually here is what really is happening (insert vague reasoning why the even though the conspiracy is happening before our eyes it should not be accepted, and why their theory is failing and should be excepted).

We are on the slipperiest of slopes, where you can no longer present a second theory to scientifically explain what is happening, any evidence supporting that theory is ostracized demonized and black balled.

We are exiting the age of science where combating theories are presented and the one that holds true longest is accepted, and entering the age of social-political blasphemy.

The most intriguing part of this all to me, is the historical repetition taking place but in reverse manner. The liberal spectrum once hated the Church because they oppressed and executed people who presented Scientific Theories that would in turn be true over time (Earth is not center of Universe, burned at the stake), and now in all the glorious irony of it all, the Left has taken on the role of the Church and evolved into a psuedo-religion , "that theory is not what we said is true , remove them from society"

This is the slipperiest of slope, for me I don't care for outcome, for sides, for future, for past, to change, prevent, I am neutral I go with the flow, and I enjoy observing us humans and society and just mankind. But as someone who is just standing here watching, just watching both sides getting wound up, the emotions, the loss of truth on both ends, the clinging to falsehoods, boy oh boy in my studies of history, I had the great regret I lived through a lacking time (no WWII, no stopping a world takeover, nothing major in history) but now I am eating my own tongue, because we are about to live through the most historical period of time possibly ever, sit back and watch humans are not logic based, and they are emotional creatures, right now we are watching everyone restrict this fight to logical backed actions... Its only a matter of time before that patience expires and we see the emotional response from both sides.

Also this is Global, not even isolated to one land mass, one demographic, one country nothing, this is historical.

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