Costa Rica celebrates 73 years without an army


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Costarrican here, I am quite fascinated by the fact that many commenters would state their opinion on our international policies without the least knowledge of our history or our position in the world stage. Costa Rica abandoned the notion of a militarized force much before the abolition of the army and our political approach has always been that of diplomacy and mutual cooperation with our neighbors. Of course we have had rough patches, most of those with our neighbor to the north Nicaragua, whose government has been confrontational in the past to the point of mild military occupations on the border, Costa Rica has opted to denounce these acts through the many international accords we are part of.

Culturally we live in a generation that doesn't know anything about the military and the mere sight of a soldier is something alien to us. Instead of an army, the country made a gamble into investing on education of all levels, a healthcare system and its production, all strongly supported by the state. Of course these are all not without their own issues.

As everywhere in the world we do have lots of problems in our little piece of land, but at least as a japanese poet once said: "Dichosa la madre costarricense que sabe que su hijo al nacer jamás será soldado" roughly translated: "Blessed is the costarrican mother, who knows her son, when born, will never be a soldier".

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