Albanian Government Prohibits Pedophiles and Child Abusers from Becoming Teachers


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I’m pretty sure in the US you won’t get a teaching credential or be hired by a public school if you have a conviction for sexually abusing kids. There are fairly extensive background checks, running your name, social security number, fingerprints. That doesn’t keep pedophiles from becoming teachers, just ones who were caught and convicted but that’s about the best you can do.

But yeah, I agree, it usually goes in the other order. People who like abusing children and young teenagers often seek out job that give them access to them, so teacher would be on that list, and they get found out after they’ve been teaching a while and one or multiple students come forward. And many others, never get caught, the kids are too scared, confused, embarrassed, don’t know who to tell, and many more reasons.

I do think schools could help a bit with this. When it turns out a teacher was abusing students it’s so often not a huge surprise to a lot of the other students. Nothing terrible probably happened to them but there is often that teacher that everyone “knows” something is off about, makes them really uncomfortable, makes weird, inappropriate comments. Maybe even did something inappropriate to you or a friend but not inappropriate enough you’d think anyone would listen, or you did tell someone at the school and it was blown off.

I’m not suggesting a witch hunt but if kids have serious concerns or are seriously uncomfortable being around a teacher, that’s who’s with them all day. Might be worth listening. Not instant firing obviously just maybe spend more than 10 minutes figuring out what the fuck.

Though the state I grew up in, the teachers union is super strong, and that’s bad necessarily but it makes it really hard to fire teachers even in pretty extreme cases (see New York’s Rubber Room).

Note: the vast majority people go into teaching because they want to teach, because it seems like a job that fits their life and skills, lots and lots of reasonable reasons. Ones that aren’t creepy.

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