Hippos with runny noses test positive for COVID-19 at Belgian zoo


As you well know !

What is more worrying about it is from a virological point of view.

People made fun of the 'alleged' but confirmed infections of Felines before, and people praised dogs and other animals for being "no target for the virus". If the virus, as natural and expected of a virus, evolves to find more hosts, and attack more and a broader variety of species, then the outcome of this whole Epidemic is even worse than expected before.

And since Corona is a animal-borne virus, it is more than likely that it can and will eventually attack more and more species. Once it transfers to animals that get around a lot, Birds and wild Felines for example, we will see more and more variations of the virus that we can only hope are not able to transfer to humans.

Swine flue and H1N1/N5 all over again, but this time it's much more lethal.

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