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The American left is clever, but its arrogance may be its undoing. That conclusion depends on the American people and their willingness to defend their country. Make no mistake we are in a hard fight for our national identity and our future. The parties are locked in partisanship, but disgusted independents are watching warily as factions strive for dominance. Resistance therein is clearly mounting as Biden’s policies and purposes manifest. Parties may control the purse strings and determine platforms, but they do not control the vote. Independent thinkers will decide the next election, and there appears to be a growing willingness to judge outside the party box as approval of the present administration continues to plummet. Here lies opportunity.

We must do better than a party embracing destitute doctrine, political narcissism, and aggression. Make no mistake, far left doctrinaires rule the Democrat party. During election years some may morph temporarily into moderates, but that only proves they are experts at pretending to be what they are not. We need to make some changes. For one thing, we Americans have to stop letting leftists punish us for the sins and failures of the past. Otherwise we will continue to wallow in their negativity, dysfunction and anti-everything. Our past should not be defined by misplaced guilt. Instead it should be the key to understanding and a blueprint for the future. We can have an honest examination of American history without attached doctrine. All critical race theory is, after all, is disguised leftist purpose aimed at impressionable minds. Leftists have made political industry of accusation, victimology and anger. That can’t be countered by silence any longer. Those on the right must come off the defensive. We as a nation are much better than the left claims. Americans prove it every day, but we have to do more. We must all be as clear and as blunt as some parents have been at school board meetings around the country when boards and administrators failed to justify their bizarre, reckless and inappropriate policies. Standing up is in keeping with the American tradition and well within the rights of everyone, not just the perpetually angry left. They are the real domestic terrorists, and we must refuse to be bullied by them.

The far left has covered its purpose with the carefully cultivated label of progressivism, but that is nothing more than socialism dressed in phony positivity. You aren’t falling for that, are you?Don’t accept the bull that the left wants to make America a better place. They do not. They want to replace our governmental and economic systems with a socialist design, but they are smart enough to know they can’t get that done radically in a country long defined by personal freedom. A better plan is to accomplish their agenda incrementally. In this they are succeeding.True progressivism is the gradual wearing down of a society until it is weak enough to be subjected to socialist replacement. That’s what this administration is working on, and it is making considerable headway.  We must also eliminate the notion that the left is composed of tree- hugging, pot-smoking goofballs clinging to some idealistic Walden-like way of life. These people aren’t the issue, and who takes them seriously anyway?The problem with the left is the ideologues that have bought into socialist doctrine and do not question its credibility or effectiveness. They are absolutists, and they despise this country to its core. To believe they aren’t determined to have their way, that they don’t have influence and power in our governments and schools, that they aren’t a threat to our democracy would be a grave mistake. Real progress would be the defeat of leftist ideology and those who expound it. This will happen only if we deprive leftists of power at every level. That is best done through determination, activism and a heavy turnout during elections.To do less predicates the closure of America.Larry W. Anderson is a retired educator.

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