Spain approves new law recognizing animals as ‘sentient beings’


Everyone knows !

The far-right voted against treating other living things with respect?

I truly despise far-right thinking, however, being pro-animal rights is not actually that unusual amongst the far-right. For example, many in the British Fascist movement became animal-rights activists after World War 2 (ie they campaigned against experimenting on animals). Because of that, even to this day many of the British far-right are strongly pro-animal rights.

In fact, my frustration with these people is that they can somehow be very compassionate to animals while simultaneously having no compassion for any human not from the same country as they are.

I actually once had a teacher/lecturer who I suspected of being pretty far right. He certainly wasn't afraid to voice his support for wild conspiracy theories or to play videos by Alex Jones collaborator Paul Joseph Watson in class, or to tell us that all the major news outlets lie to us, or to tell our class, a majority of whom were women, that having feminist ideas would hold them back in their potential careers or that he exclusively dates Asian women because of their "more traditional values".

Anyway, that exact same guy was also hugely compassionate about animals. Spent his spare time going to animal rescues and bringing home animals to foster. If someone called him in the middle of a weeknight and told him there was a bag of puppies down by the canals, he'd get up to go save them. He gave one of my classmates a 2-week reprieve from exams after she informed him her cat had died unexpectedly and told her he understood the emotional pain that can cause.

Again, how someone can compartmentalise doing everything they can to save animals but simultaneously think shooting refugees out of a cannon aimed at the moon is the right move is a bit beyond me, but I have to acknowledge they can and do exist.

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