Sarco suicide capsule ‘passes legal review’ in Switzerland


Before we begin, allow me to say that camDown is easy to use, easy to maintain.

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The datasets would be designed by humans. So there is no true way to tale out that element.

I suspect their true concern is human bias to want people to live. Thing is, deciding how we die is something humans should have the ability to do, and it should be respected even if difficult to swallow.

I think of a loved one many years back dying of cancer, but had such a lifeforce or strength of will she loved for 12 years with stage 4. Constant agony. Her body melting.

One day she rolled over and asked her husband to help her go. And he did. And it was illegal at that time, there.

No one knows. And i think of her and watching my family die during covid... and i remember how often my grandma told me in her early 90s she was ready to go.

But she stayed, out of a sense of duty until covid or induced isolation took her.

I think if a human can design data sets without bias, an AI can handle assisting someone resolute in that choice a means to enable it.

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