Jamaican Government Launches Campaign About How Great Weed Is


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It absolutely is so much more serious than people understand it. I've heard way to many of my friends joking about liver failure. My sibling went through liver failure for the years of drinking. Not even binging, "just a couple of beers a night, it's not like I'm getting drunk". It was enough, and sent his body into some serious decline. While in the hospital, he was given a 50/50 either to die, or live with some serious drawbacks. Thankfully it was the latter, but if I wish I could have forgone seeing him hallucinating from withdrawal.

People are far to accepting of alcohol.

Marijuana does have negatives to it, but it's few and far between compared to alcohol. If you smoke to much, to often while the brain is still developing (before age 25), it screws with your brains long term ability to see consequences long term. Like if I do x now, y could happen down the road. But that's a lot of smoking, very early on.

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