Ukraine-Russia border: Satellite images reveal Putin’s troop build-up continues


As you well know !

Bruh I'm living in eastern Ukraine

Edit: Wow, this blew up overnight! Thank you all for awards and nice comments, I appreciate it. Honestly, I was so upset and terrified about the news I couldn't sleep, it was nice to wake up to so much support.

So, for some background = I'm originally from Belarus, me and my husband moved to Ukraine in 2018 for personal reasons at the time (this was before 2020 presidential elections in Belarus, when shit hit the fan).

Run! You should leave, etc

Unfortunately, we cannot. For me personally moving back to Belarus is out of the question (for a variety of reasons), and it's not only about savings (which we don't have btw). If it's a life or death situation then, I guess, we could try to move somewhere to the west in Ukraine, but atm it's just not feasible for us.

What's the atmosphere like?

I'm a freelancer, so I'm pretty isolated here (no friends or colleagues), but people outside seem to be going about their day, everything is just about as usual. I can imagine that most of them are just as stressed out about it as I am, but I can only guess. My husband is very sceptical about Russia invading, at least that's what he says.

Edit 2: I forgot to mention, we live in Kharkiv, which is the second largest city in Ukraine with 1,5 million people. As someone mentioned below, this may be relatively safe place to be.

Is this covered by the local media?

For sure it is. Coincidentally, yesterday Zelensky visited Kharkiv for the anniversary of Ukrainian Armed Forces, where some kind of parade was being held (even with new tanks), I believe that's to boost morale:

The overall sentiment here is that Ukranian officials will do everything they can to prevent this situation from escalating further, but if they fail, Ukraine is ready to defend itself. Here in the article Minister of Defense of Ukraine talks about plans for mobilization (sorry, it's in Russian):

I will try to answer other questions later, sorry guys, I gotta work 🙂

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