Chile becomes 31st nation to legalise same-sex marriage


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Chile being conservative is kind of a myth that came after the Pinochet dictatorship.

Socially speaking Chile is one of the less Religious countries in Latin America along with Uruguay.What happened is that after Pinochet we always had a small very extremely powerful far-right ultra-conservative minority in congress (why were they so powerful and influential ?? someone may ask.. don't wanna dig too much into it but had to do with the conditions that Pinochet and the far-right put to hand the power in 1990) so they kept the country in the stone ages in term of progressive laws but socially we were never a "conservative" country. I would say in reality we have always been similar to Uruguay and Argentina in that respect. The influence these far-right people had in congress started to die in the early 2000's and it's gotten close to 0 these days.

Laws don't always follow how progressive a society really is.. there are some extremely conservative countries in South America like Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil that had gay marriage earlier (forced by the supreme court of these countries), or the US where it was also basically forced by the Supreme Court.. in none of these countries gay marriage has a majority of support in their societies, it was basically imposed.

In Chile this happened with overwhelming support of the population and a huge majority in congress.

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