Indonesian court refuses to reinstate permits for palm oil companies to exploit ancestral lands


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It’s not up for debate, it’s totally unnecessary. Or did soap magically only start working when they started adding this in?


This isn't up for debate, even people who encourage movement away from palm oil don't disagree

Palm oil is used as a conditioning agent that helps restore the natural oils of the hair that are stripped away by most shampoos.

Palm oil is a conditioning agent. It keeps the hair moisturised while cleansing chemicals remove oil, dirt and dandruff. It works well, but the main reason it’s used so widely is the price.


Yes, companies like to throw bullshit in as perceived luxurious upgrades to make morons spend more money, and morons often eat it up. That does not make it a necessity though, or even a helpful addition. It’s just more to cost more.

They can markup items without changing anything lmao

Nobody advertises that their products have palm oil since its so ubiquitous (and palm oil has bad PR now, literally nobody in their right midn advertises that they have palm oil), its the OTHER WAY around, products are advertised and marked up if they don't contain palm oil

It’s harvested from the palm fruit which has a very high yield compared to other fruits. This keeps the price down. This means that palm oil free shampoo is a rarity. But it’s not an impossibility. 

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