Tokyo governor to make same-sex partnerships legal in the city starting April 2022


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Threads about Japan always seem to bring out pseudo-experts about the country out of the woodwork. Let’s take a look at actual statistics:

Conviction rate: This is just plain ignorance of different ways conviction rate is calculated across countries. If measured in the US’s way, Japan's conviction rate is 37%. I think this misleading statistic is often repeated to distract from the US’s extremely high incarceration rate, especially compared to Japan (lowest of any developed country).

Racism: Why not ask hundreds of actual black people, who all say that they feel “Freerer, safer and finally treated like a human being” in Japan (and Asia as a whole)?

While they may get the occasional stare in Japan, the theme is common — racial minorities (i.e. non-Asians) resoundingly say they feel safe in Japan. While Japan’s treatment of other Asians can be abhorrent due to a complex history, it is not dissimilar to how Americans treat Mexicans today. Feeling of guilt can be reasonably assumed to be at a period high since George Floyd, so I can only assume that conflating ignorant, often benign Japanese racism (weird stares) to institutional, learned, calculated racism in the West (shootings on sight, spraying Nazi imagery, beating up elderly women) may be an effort to dilute the term “racist” by the MSM.

Suicide rate: Japan's suicide rate is significantly lower than the U.S (12.2 vs 14.5 per 100k). This is even including the fact that "deaths due to despair" (i.e. overdose deaths, whether intentional or not) are not included in suicide statistics in the U.S. Therefore, the actual suicide rate in the US should be much higher as overdose deaths are significantly more common in the US than in Japan.

Gender Equality Whilst not a paragon of gender equality by any means, Japan is ranked 17th in the comprehensive UN gender inequality index, whilst the UK is ranked 26th and the US is ranked 46th. The state of California has yet to have a female governor, for instance.

Women’s safety: Even if reporting rates are not dissimilar (30% reporting rate in Japan vs 23% in the US), sexual assault rates are still 25x-30x lower in Japan than Western countries like the UK or the US. You will regularly see women (and children) safely walk the streets alone at night in Japan. Can you imagine recommending your teenage daughter to ride the NYC metro alone or walk around downtown LA at night?

Homophobia: Japan has historically been fairly sympathetic to homosexuality. In fact, homosexuality only started to be discouraged during the Meiji Period, primarily due to Western influences. That being said, Japan definitely still needs to work on this -- however, the US just legalized gay marriage 5 years ago and the vast majority of countries in the world still do not allow same-sex partnerships (which Japan does). Give it time.

Textbook Bias: Stanford University did a study that compared American, Chinese and Korean textbooks and found that Japanese textbooks were the least likely to contain bias and nationalist revisionism.

Work hours: Actual hours (by the OECD, this INCLUDES the highest estimates for paid and unpaid overtime) puts Japan between Canada and Spain and hundreds of hours below the United States. Like Germany, company culture has significantly changed since the 80s (In 1980, the only country that worked more hours than Japan was Germany). Hours continue to decrease every year.

Fertility rate: It's actually higher than large European countries like Spain and Italy, and the same as rich countries like Netherlands, Hong Kong and Luxembourg. Besides, higher education rates translates to lower fertility rates wherever you go, overpopulation isn't really a good thing. Dumb people fuck.

Sources all cited.

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