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I recently went to an event at the Lensic Performing Arts Center and parked my vehicle in the nearby parking garage. To my dismay, exiting the garage via the elevator, the inside of it was terribly dirty, and near the doors there were old boots.On the way back to my car, I took the stairwell, thinking that might be cleaner. It was equally dirty and smelled like urine. It looks like the homeless have taken over this place. It looked like a Third World garage in our beautiful City Different. Is no one in the city government checking this out?Two of the machines that accept parking fees were not working. A long line formed behind those that did. I can just imagine the chaos after a Lensic event in the evening when everyone needs to pay at the machine first before leaving the garage. One used to pay a fixed fee in advance when entering the garage to attend a Lensic event, which meant a fast departure when heading home.Susy MoeschSanta FeKeep energy localHow much money has Avangrid spent on ads trying to convince the public their service would benefit New Mexico? Why do we need a company in Spain to manage our energy resources? Santa Fe and New Mexico are rich in natural energy resources. We need a local company that cares about our local resources.How do we hold a company in Spain accountable for mishaps and mismanagement? The Public Regulation Commission and New Energy Economy deserve kudos for holding Avangrid accountable in every way.Nancy KingSanta FeLet kids chooseRespect the rights and wants of high school youth. If a student chooses to prepare for his/her post-secondary experiences, respect it. Too often, extracurricular professionals are pressuring students, who have future plans on their agendas, to join teams or clubs. Yes, the experience being on these teams or clubs can potentially produce lifelong positive memories, but that’s only if the student wants to participate.If a student says, “No, I prefer not to,” they have their reasons. It could be for academic focus or financial preparations for their post-secondary pursuits. Don’t hinder their planning; respect it and even participate in the process. They will respect the staff/coach more than being forced against their will. It’s the student’s life, not yours.Daniel TimlenSanta FeStudents deserve truthThe latest salvo in the culture wars is critical race theory; an academic exercise promulgated in law school. It examines racial bias in legislation and legal statutes. Politicos are now using this obscure subject as a public education wedge issue among their constituents. It’s merely another distraction to send their base into a frenzy and an attempt to sanitize history. Why do they fear the truth so much?The intent of critical race theory is to teach the truth to understand why racial inequities continue to exist, and to avoid repeating the same mistakes. We certainly are strong enough as a country to learn and grow from past failures. An inclusive and accurate representation in social studies, history and literature classes somehow threatens the development of young minds? Will reading Isabel Wilkerson’s Caste, Dee Brown’s Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee, Alex Haley’s The Autobiography Of Malcolm X or Jaques Levy’s César Chávez: La Causa turn the next generation into radicals? More likely, the benefits of an expanded worldview will open minds to higher levels of inquisitiveness, enlightenment and critical thought.Perhaps the best course of action would be to allow our children to choose what they want to read within instructional frameworks and have our educators implement a Socratic teaching methodology.Manny WashingtonSanta Fe

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