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Bob Dole made a difference Bob Dole was my congressman. When he ran for the Senate, I campaigned for him.He had the unique ability to never forget a name and face. No matter how many years passed, if he looked up and saw me, it was “Hello, Barbara! How are you and the boys?” and always a reminder to “Stop by any time you can be in Washington.”His life and work made a difference to many.Barbara J. Hettinger,DentonDemocracy under attack This is the most screwed up I have seen in the United States in my lifetime.Most Republicans do not believe in global warming while the proof assaults us daily in the news. Republicans in Congress voted against the infrastructure bill, even though it will add jobs and help thousands of people in their own states. The Republican Party is now run by anti-democratic mentally and morally ill conspiracy theorists, who are anti-education, anti-science, anti-voting rights, anti-environment, anti-immigration, anti-minority, anti-gay rights, anti-women’s rights reprobates. Now these radicals are up in arms over critical race theory when they don’t even know what the heck it is. How stupid.Republican militia members are immature and act like little boys that play war games. What a traitorous bunch of mentally ill adolescents. Once Republicans called themselves patriots. Now they are called insurrectionists and traitors. Republicans are doing everything in their power to discourage voting rights, gerrymandering voting districts and intimidating minorities. The 2020 election was the fairest in our history, but Republicans are lockstep with former President Trump declaring voter fraud. Do they also salute their corrupt white power autocrat Donald Trump with raised arms? Heil Trump, their golden calf god.Democracy is drastically declining in our country. The Republican-controlled Supreme Court has sunk to a new low in denying women’s rights to control their own bodies. The John Roberts court will go down as the most politically corrupt in history. We must gain a filibuster-proof Democratic majority in both Houses to save our democracy.John T. Weber,Denton

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