2021 Lessons for Midterm Elections: Focus on What Really Matters to Average Voter – National Federation of Republican Women


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By NFRW President Ann Schockett

On November 2, Virginia Republicans won all three statewide offices and regained the majority in the Virginia House of Delegates for the first time in 12 years. An unknown truck driver defeated the Democratic leader of the New Jersey State Senate. The people of Minneapolis rejected attempts to defund the police department and replace law enforcement with social workers.

The message is clear. Democrats, you’ve gone too far with your radical, destructive, and irresponsible agenda. Voters have noticed!

But we NFRWarriors cannot rest upon our laurels. Republicans must retake Congress and put the brakes on the Biden Administration’s attempts to overspend, overextend, and overwhelm America with its leftward lurch into socialism. We must use what we learned in 2021 so we can ride this winning wave into the 2022 election.

Pocketbook Issues Matter
High prices at the grocery store and gasoline pump can’t be ignored. Nationwide labor shortages contribute to supply chains being disrupted while ships sit off shore. These are issues that have a direct impact on everyday lives, and no one running for office in 2022 can afford to forget them.

Parents Matter
Parents found their voices and will no longer remain silent. Parents want schools to prioritize academic excellence and not use their children for social experiments such as Critical Race Theory. There’s record attendance at school board meetings, recall efforts are underway to remove radical school board members, and the Justice Department has backed away from labeling concerned parents as domestic terrorists.

Public Safety Matters
Efforts to defund the police is a losing issue for Democrats. Elections in Minneapolis, Virginia, Seattle, and New York showed the American people “back the blue.” Recall efforts and proposed legislation are also underway against Soros-funded prosecutors who place a political agenda that favors criminals over the interests of victims. Polls show that people who live in low-income, fragile communities are often the most vocal in their pleas for policing.

So Many Issues Matter. And You Matter!
Whether you are a campaign worker or a candidate, keep your focus on what really matters to your average voter: the bread and butter issues which have a direct impact on everyday life and the determination to fight for our country’s values.

Keep Volunteering - Help your Republican candidates win with your time and your treasure. Door knocking, phone calling, donating, and helping with campaign events still work. These work even better when you enlist your friends and family to help.

Keep Engaging - Attend a school board or local council meeting. Support election integrity by working as an election officer or poll watcher. Speak out in our communities on issues that matter to all of us.

Keep Running for Office – Whether it’s your community HOA or state house or Congress, Republican women are making an impact in our country.

Our NFRW clubs have experienced the highest percentage increase in growth in 30 years. If we stick with our mission to grow, train, and fortify our NFRW membership, we will win in 2022 and beyond.

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