China brands U.S. democracy ‘weapon of mass destruction


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Name 'em.

Since World War 2, the US has interfered with elections, overthrown rulers, and sometimes supported genocides mostly through the CIA. Syria, 1949. Albania, early 1950s. Iran, 1953. Guatamala, 1954. Indonesia, 1958. (That one failed.) Cambodia and Congo, 1960. The Dominican Republic, 1961. South Vietnam and Iraq, 1963. The big ones, Brazil and Indonesia again in 1965--these were the bloodiest and in Indonesia was an outright genocide, and set the tone for all CIA interventions going forward--disappearances and massacres were part and parcel of the tactics.

Ghana, 1966. Bolivia, 1971, as well as all of the following South American cases with Operation Condor which the Brazilians supported. Chile, 1973. Argentina, 1976. El Salvador, 1979. Attempted (and failed) in Angola with UNITA from 1980 to 1992. Through the 80s, Nicaragua and the Contras. Chad, 1982. Haiti, 1991.

And it didn't stop with the end of the cold war, even if the anticommunist crusade was more or less over. Engineering the overthrow of their old Indonesian lapdog Suharto, 1998. Interfering in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia election of 2000. And eventually turning on another one of their old catspaws, Saddam, in 2003. And these are all just the cases where we know they were involved, not even the amount of cases in doubt.

Plus, backing up dictators in the wake of these, as well as in South Korea (Syngman Rhee), supporting Suharto's invasion of East Timor in 1975...the list goes on, and on, and on.

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