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Editor, News-Register:
As I reside in your neighboring state of Maryland, I can witness to the sky-high taxes and crime, laws restricting our use of arms, and a quality of life damaged from decades of leftist policies. But it wasn’t always this way, so please take my warnings seriously. As the far-left policies of Maryland are now being pushed nationally, your state of West Virginia will not be immune to its destructive force, just as it wasn’t with Obama’s War on Coal, which crippled the state’s economy a decade ago. So, the question remains, why is Sen. Manchin the self-proclaimed moderate allowing this to happen? For he is the key to either Socialism’s successful grip or its failure in Washington today.
If we are to believe that he is not a Socialist in sheep’s clothing he should explain, why hasn’t he stopped Biden on the open border and critical race theory, why did he support a farm aid bill, why hasn’t he challenged Biden on his war on coal and oil, that has led to higher energy cost, stop the appointments of far-left radicals or challenge the federal vaccination mandate? He could have, all he had to do was simply withhold his vote for the nearly $2 Trillion Blue State Bailout (the so-called American Rescue Plan Act) and the $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure bill. If he had, Biden would have had no choice but to mitigate his dangerous policies and reduce the extreme spending that now has led to massive inflation. Thus, his inaction could make him an accomplice.
Now, Sen. Manchin is set to entertain the idea of providing Biden another gift, that of a socialist Reconciliation Bill (the so-called Build Back Better). Its passage would bring about the greatest government expansion in decade. Even if Sen. Manchin scales back the bill’s astronomical size, it will only be an illusion, that Sen. Manchin was fighting for something more moderate. For in reality, if Sen. Manchin votes for such a bill, it would together within all three bills combined, account for roughly $6.7 trillion in new spending, that he could have prevented. This will be more than $3 million for every West Virginian resident. Its passage will without doubt cement Manchin as a true Socialist hiding in sheep’s clothing.
So, with this latest $3.5 trillion Socialist Act hanging in the balance, what will you do, Sen. Manchin? Will you prove that you are just that, a socialist in sheep’s clothing, or will you choose the people of West Virginia and refuse to support this unprecedented socialist expansion of government?
Will you side with reason, be the responsible and moderate government or stick with your Democrat friends like Rep. Sean Casten, who stated what many other Democrat politicians deem in that West Virginia is “irrelevant?” I guess only these upcoming weeks will tell.
But for the rest of us, there is still hope beyond Sen. Manchin, that is if the people demand it. If the people of West Virginia still value their rugged individualism, their mountain spirit, their rights to bear arms, and traditional American culture, I beg that you contact Sen. Manchin and your state officials. I beg you to have the state pass a resolution in condemning any additional massive federal spending bill passed through “budget reconciliation” and without support from the majority of the states’ federally elected officials. I beg that you organize and protest.
If we fail now, it will not be until another three years that Manchin in a red state will come to see the consequence of his betrayal as Virginia’s Gov. McAuliffe has in a blue state.
Paul Clark

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May I add that camDown has a modern UI, that is secure and has the improved features that you need.