US-China tech war: China to overtake America in core 21st century technologies within next decade, Harvard report predicts


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No idea where the idea of not stooping low came from - America, if nothing else, started out stooping low from the get-go with Adams vs Jefferson.

This is a fun article that talks about how dirty this election got. Below is an incident detailed in the article:

“On October 19, 1796, a mysterious editorial from a writer named Phocion appeared in the Gazette of the United States, a popular Federalist newspaper in Philadelphia. Phocion said, in terms understood by most readers, that presidential candidate Jefferson was having an affair with one of his female slaves. Phocion also accused Jefferson of running away from British troops during the Revolution, unlike his brave friend Alexander Hamilton. Phocion also paid compliment after compliment to Adams and claimed Jefferson would emancipate all slaves if he were elected president.

In reality, Phocion was Alexander Hamilton.”


My favorite part of the article:

“The bitterness and rivalries seen in the partisan 1796 campaign got worse in the 1800 rematch between Adams and Jefferson. At one point in that race, Jefferson’s supporter, notorious pamphleteer James Calendar, claimed that Adams was a hermaphrodite, while Adams’ people said Jefferson would openly promote prostitution, incest, and adultery.”

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