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View the big pictureI abhor abortion. But let's not demonize women when a man is equally involved in pregnancy.For every pregnancy, a man should care for his offspring, choosing the right mother for his seed and supporting her all the way. If abortion involves only women, they alone should design related laws. And for every female charged in abortion, a man should be also. If "thou shalt not kill" applies, the biblical words for men not to "spill their seed" does as well.And shouldn't the Supreme Court also be equally representative? "God is love," so let us all share the mercy. For we all shall surely care for the unwanted through taxes. Feeding, clothing, providing shelter, health care and education for all.Laws haven't stopped killing, and they won't stop abortions. Let's view the big picture.BETTY HICKSLittle RockAgency's pot of goldIn the more than 35 years I have been registering vehicles in Arkansas, there is not one time that the Department of Finance and Administration has failed to send me a vehicle registration renewal notice well before my vehicle's registration has expired. Until now.My vehicle's registration expired on Nov. 30, and the renewal notice that was printed on Oct. 22 was postmarked Nov. 30, thus reaching me one day after the expiration, and thereby triggering a $3 penalty for late registration.When I questioned the situation by calling the help line listed on the renewal notice, I was told that I was responsible for renewing my registration in a timely manner, and that the renewal notices which are sent out are sent as a courtesy, rather than being mandated by law.So ... I wondered to myself ... is there a need for more revenue from the motor vehicle arm of the Department of Finance and Administration, and is the delayed renewal notice action actually a scheme to pick up extra (penalty) cash from vehicle owners who by force of habit had relied upon the notices for years?Multiply the $3 penalty (or in some cases, more) by the millions of registered vehicles in Arkansas, and you've got a fairly large pot of gold. Has anyone else had this experience recently? One inquiring mind wants to know.BRUCE PLOPPERConwayProgress will happenGetting hot and bothered over catchphrases like woke, cancel culture, gay rights, critical race theory, etc., reminds me of the era when progressives like Teddy Roosevelt championed causes like women voting, labor reforms, social welfare, prison reform, civil liberties, civil service, etc. And later, the progressive income tax, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, civil rights and women wearing pants.It reminds me how fashions tend to emerge from gay culture. Progress often begins with ideas many consider radical. I am grateful for those who advance ideas and movements that poke reactionaries. We can judge the future impact by the reactions of reactionary politicians, commentators and our own Dr. Gitz.Defunding the police was taken literally in some jurisdictions. I have read of instances where police funding was severely cut, crime increased and funds were restored. But reforms were made to improve policing and increase the support of citizens who had called for defunding. That's progress.I'm not aware of any pressure to defund the Fayetteville Police Department but read recently that the city is hiring social workers to help with domestic calls once officers deal with any violence. It resulted from movements that were well publicized by the above-mentioned reactionaries to advance the cause of police reform, up to defunding, perhaps not in Fayetteville, but to our benefit. That's progress.I've noticed that women are now wearing pants pretty much all over the place, but still no Equal Rights Amendment.HOWELL MEDDERSFayettevilleProvide for securityFolks, we need to start paying attention to the need to provide a military presence that will deter our enemies. We need to wake up to the fact that China and Russia are challenging us on every front and are baiting us with the hope that we will make a mistake, a mistake that will cost us many lives and very possibly alter our very way of life forever.We have gone too long wasting our energy on fighting over social and domestic issues with little effort by the Congress to address the aging military equipment and need for modern weapons to counter our enemy's progress.It may be too late. We might have fallen too far since the last election to retrieve our position as the most powerful country in the world, a country that provides for security of its people and represents freedom, a country that is envied by all peoples of the world.JOHN WILLIAMSSherwood

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