Russia has just vetoed a resolution admitting climate change is a threat to international peace


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It's the same thing when you consider there are more English speakers in China than there are in the US. China is just on a completely different scale to almost any other market, which US companies are belatedly realizing and why the NBA is so scared to offend them right now.

Of the big 3, only GM has any presence in China. They have a partner company they are developing with, they will use the Chinese market to gain valuable experience and likely a foothold in the market itself. Ford sells several hundred vehicles across China, as of a few years ago now. Stellantis, formerly FCA, formerly Chrysler, sold a handful. Like, literally, a couple dozen across the whole of China to what I assume were rabid collectors.

The Chinese government has made EV a priority, and as a country they've made some very quick strides. They have EVs across the market segments, including some very tiny EV vehicles that would not be legal in the US. It's allowed them to play with what works and what doesn't, and develop a grid that can support more. They just built a prototype for a magnet system they plan to roll out elsewhere, they're investing heavily in infrastructure across the country on a scale that utterly dwarfs the BBB that will likely be cut back even more by Manchin, but hey, the forces are getting some new toys, huh?

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