Same-sex parents and their children must be recognised as a family across whole EU, rules court


Have you considered !

Most forgot that Turkey is very pro-EU in 2000s where even Erdogan heavily campaign for quick EU integration.

But EU just don't. This stretch back to different administration since Turkey applied in 1987, way before the coup that killed it off. Unlike other countries, France and Austria stated they will hold referendum before accepting Turkey . Germany prefer non-EU membership too.

It possibly a combination of high population, different culture and religion as a big factor. There are many articles during this time period that showed how Turkey hitting many brick wall.

IMO Turkey would not even be accepted if they have the same GDP as Germany and zero issue with Cyprus.

TLDR - Turkey stand no chance since applied for membership in 1987, the longest applicant without success in EU history. Even The Economist said EU don't want a Muslim nation in their club, even if it is a democracy.

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