Mexico City on the verge of banning bullfighting


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"Because it’s not solely for enjoyment. It’s also used to fuel my body." You have tried and failed to argue this before. Multiple people have explained to you why this is an irrelevant argument. You could get the equivalent calories and nutrients while being vegan/vegetarian. There is no reason why you HAVE to eat meat. The only reason to eat meat is for enjoyment.

"And it’s the enjoyment and appreciation of an animal that was put on earth to be eaten versus the enjoyment of violence itself against a creature with dignity." Maybe you should ask the bull if he cares whether the reason he is killed is for food or fighting? On a more serious note I think it is astounding that you are even trying to argue that the enjoyment people get from bullfighting is somehow worth less than your own enjoyment from eating meat. People who practice bullfighting view it as an important part of their culture and even an art form. You have no right to tell them that their culture and enjoyment is worth less than your own only because you personally find bullfighting distasteful.

"If it were in the wild without human existence, do you think all cows would be free from being eaten?" No. I don't. Cows used in the meat industry have been bred specifically for this purpose for many, many generations. They would not survive long the wild. But again, this is entirely besides the point. I am not arguing against eating meat! I am arguing that it is very hypocritical of you to be outraged at bullfighting if you yourself eat meat.

"There are definitely some truly disgusting and unethical practices happening right now in the meat industry, but again, it’s the fault of capitalism." I don't see why you are dragging capitalism into this. It is a whole different debate and has nothing to do with you being hypocritical.

If anything, I think it would be easier to argue that eating meat is more unethical compared to bullfighting than the other way around. The bulls bred for fighting are treated much better than typical meat production cattle before they are sent into the ring:

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