Russian government ordered murder of Chechen in Berlin, German court rules


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You have reminded me of something completely off topic.

I found a briefcase belonging to a Chechen man named Dzhabrail in the middle of nowhere in Kyrgyzstan several years ago. It was simply lying in the dirt. Inside are a state-issued ID, a small amount of cash - I think 15€ and 2000 rubles - 2 notebooks full of sketches of landscapes and architecture, a French-language copy of The Blind Owl by Sadegh Hedayat, a copy of the Koran, what looks to be a letter opener made of whalebone, a pair of '60s vintage Prada sunglasses, what I think are pictures of the owner's grandparents, and an old Soviet military medal.

Oh, alao, there is a small paper bqg containing a new Rubix Cube and a silver neckkace with a teddy bear pendant. Gifts, one imagines.

I was unable to ever locate the.owner, and the bag is still sitting undisturbed upstairs in a guest bedroom closet at my home, which is 40 miles northeast of Atlanta.

In fact, none of the local people could recall ever seeing him.

Given.the circumstances, I I.have always assumed the owner is deceased, but who knows.

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