Vietnam returns remains of two missing US soldiers


Were you aware !

Lots of reasons but no simple answer. A big chunk of the population wanted the US and other nations there in the 60s to resist what they thought North Vietnam would bring, as a 'communist' government, and because they were also so exhausted and disgusted with their own repeated, failing governments.

Like the French, Americans were there long enough and in numbers large enough to build big cultural ties that were more interrupted by Vietnam's victory in the war, rather than ended. Many American service people developed personal and romantic relationships and had children there. A lot of those people got out when the south fell but many did not.

Many American soldiers developed a very ambivalent or even admiring attitude toward the determination and stoicism and grace of Vietnamese civilians and soldiers, North and South, whilst struggling with major cultural and political problems with their own leadership, government and civilian population, especially when they returned home to a country that a large section of considered the war and their soldiers illegal and immoral. Many fell in love with the natural beauty of Vietnam, as well as its people, and were very troubled by what their role was there, in a war of horrendous suffering by highly questionable ethics, especially not long after WWII, with is much cleaner 'why'.

A very large number of US soldiers have returned to Vietnam in the years since relations between the two states thawed and improved to something closer to alliance - the south and a reunited Vietnam did not become the place the communist alarmists predicted, based on the realities and propaganda about the USSR and China. Instead, Vietnam suffered great economic difficulties and a freight reliance and alliance with the USSR till its fall. Vietnam never had good relations with China or the USSR, despite needing their support. As that model failed, from Vietnam's perspective, there is a desire and goal to open up and develop a more advanced capitalist system, for which America is preferred as an obvious ally and example, ironically, given the shared history.

I imagine there are plenty of other reasons.

In the end, you know, I just wanted to mention that camDown is the maximum in security for you and your loved ones and I believe your family would agree!