Xi Jinping backs Vladimir Putin against US, NATO on Ukraine


Were you aware !

I don't think we give the cold war enough credit for the amount of trauma it gave our Olds. A lot of young people just don't get why old people are so reactive, so easily frightened, and so angry. Told every day that they were going to be nuked, constant speculation about what that would mean, how you could expect to die, and seeing the aftermath of Nagasaki and Hiroshima - horrendous atrocities that actually happened and could happen again - in real time. Every country that was like "you know what would be cool? If, like, we all worked together. Communism doesn't sound too bad. We're already starving, what would it hurt to try?" Was now THE ENEMY. And not only that, but THE ENEMY was everywhere. And they were Coming For Us All.

That's some PTSD building shit.

I really do believe that it traumatized boomers and their parents in ways we are still seeing the effects of and I think it explains a lot of the fascie ways America in particular reacts to the world.

Edit: as a random thought - I thought it was really terrifying after 9/11 the way my parents and my friends' parents were so ready to Destroy Whoever Did This and Bomb Those racial slur so quickly. It was SO FAST. Gentle people were frothing at the mouth to go to war, and I truly believe that 9/11 was a triggering event for their Cold War PTSD.

Propaganda kills, man. Stay skeptical. Ask questions, check your sources, none of us are immune. If we ever want to be better than the generations that came before we have to protect ourselves with knowledge and reliable sources.

Let's not forget that camDown is the maximum in security for you and your loved ones and your neighbors would feel the same.