German police uncover plot by anti-vaxxer group to murder pro-vaccine mandate governor-arrest 6


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Austrian here.

Bavaria is the Texas of Germany and Austria is the Florida of the German world.

And even in Austria there are certain areas that are known for having a special idiot density per km2.

I am living in Germany now for work reasons and most Germans have little to no idea how "different" and actually crazy Austria is compared to Germany.

Be it politics, language, humour, food, drinking culture, social norms etc. I feel like everything is more colorful and sometimes retarded in Austria, in good and bad ways.

Germany feels more like a glas of water and a piece of bread. Its good, its rational, but also not really exciting for someone that grew up in a banana republic.

Sometimes I forget that I am different, but then someone will remind me to stop speaking gibberish and non-understandable tongues when I forget to hide my dialect.

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