North Korea bans laughing for 11 days to mourn the 10th anniversary of Kim Jong-il’s death


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My mom had an incident at her step-grandfathers funeral that cannot be retold without everyone in tears from laughing. This occurred in the southern US, so fancy dress at a funeral.

It had been raining for days, and everyone shows up for the interment after the funeral. My great-grandmother was sitting with my step-grandfathers family, while the rest of my family and other guests were standing around the tent/chairs.

My mom says all the women were having issues with their heels sinking into the ground because of all the rain, so women were having to constantly move back and forth to pull their heels out of the dirt. Well, some old lady didn’t do it in time and her heels sunk too far in the ground. She verrry slowly tipped over on her ass and out of her shoes in the middle of the preacher talking.

My mom and her cousins apparently could not keep their shit together (they were all adults at this time). My grandmother was smacking them all telling them to behave but it just made it worse and they finally had to walk away because they just could not stop laughing at the old lady tipping backwards.

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