Eric Frederickson: Woke media still can’t help hapless leftists – Conway Daily Sun


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To the editor: In response to Leonard Witt’s letter: Witt cites that 30 state and national media condemns Gov, Chris Sununu’s tweet on teachers.

What he’s spot on with is the part about the “state media” — state-run media and propaganda as in the Kremlin or North Korea.Recently, the White House brought in the media for a secret meeting scheming for positive coverage for President Joe Biden. And so as far as free speech goes — it is the activists posing as journalists who believe if they control the language, they control the reality.

The average voter cares about the reality of kitchen-table issues. Meanwhile, the woke supremacists are fixated on socialism, compliance, systemic racism, diversity, inclusion, strategists, disinformation, the trillion-dollar “infrastructure” bill, defund the police, critical race theory, inflation, voter suppression, pack the courts, cultural appropriation, gas lighting, hate crime hoaxes, violent crime, empty shelves, mandates, lower your expectations, higher gas prices, hypocrisy, be less white, but don’t be colorblind, bail reform, smash and grabs, and finally, blame the victim, not the criminal. And you’re calling Republicans the “radical right?”Here is Webster’s definition of “radical”: 1: very new and different from what is ordinary or traditional: extreme a radical change. 2: of or relating to people who favor rapid and sweeping changes in laws and government.So considering the upcoming midterms, for Democrats, it will be a loss of the House and probably the Senate ... If you’re defining “screwed” as losing your majorities, yeah, I think there’s not much that’s going to stop that.Eric FredericksonCenter Conway

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