U.S. blacklists 34 Chinese entities, citing human rights abuses and ‘brain-control weaponry’


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From a source that quotes the context of this "brain-control weaponry":


These inventions could include "the stuff of science fiction, such as brain-controlled weaponry" that would allow "a Chinese commando to discharge a weapon with just a thought, not a trigger finger," according to Craig Singleton, a former U.S. diplomat who is now an adjunct fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a Washington think tank.

You guys actually believe this bullshit?

From memory, these increasingly ridiculous news cycles are a repeat of Cold War scare tactics with the USSR, just this time with China, as they threaten the US's position as a global power. It works and it's effective as people buy into it without bothering to think critically.

On the daily, you're being fed US news cycles about China simultaneously collapsing on multiple socioeconomic fronts while also being able to pump out ridiculous futuristic "sci-fi" technology like this, despite constantly being labelled as a nation that is too "incompetent" to actually achieve such things. Unbelievable that so many here are able to accept these contradictory realities at the same time.

Edit: People posting examples of how "this tech already exists" utilize technology that requires implanted electrodes that physically rely on electrical signals from the brain to the prosthetics attached to the individual via wires, nothing new. The "sci-fi tech" being fearmongered here is that Chinese people are able to use "telekinetic" powers to blow shit up from a distance, no wires attached. Not quite the same.

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