14th Congressional District Q&A (Republican): Marjorie Taylor Greene – Rome News-Tribune


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Name: Marjorie Taylor GreeneOccupation: Member of Congress, Representative of Georgia’s 14th DistrictParty: RepublicanTell us a little about your background that prepares you to represent the district in Congress.After receiving a record number of votes from Northwest Georgians on Nov. 3, 2020, I immediately got to work even before being sworn in by leading the Congressional objection to Joe Biden’s fraudulent electoral votes on the floor of the House.Since then, I’ve kept my campaign promises by fighting every single day to stop the Democrats’ Communist agenda by calling for roll call votes and putting Congress on record to the American people, filing America First legislation, and holding government officials accountable with Congressional oversight.By demanding Congress go on record and actually vote, I’ve defeated radical policies like Squad-member Cori Bush’s bill to allow felons to vote.I’ve authored legislation to preserve and protect our Second Amendment, impeach Joe Biden (four times), fire Fauci, expel Maxine Waters, eliminate the ATF, ban vaccine mandates, secure our Southern border and finish President Trump’s wall.I’m honored to represent the values of Northwest Georgia.What are the top three committees you’d like to serve on and why?Currently in the 117th Congress, committees are useless. Republicans are in the minority and Nancy Pelosi rules Congress with an iron fist.Just after I was sworn in, Democrats recognized me as the biggest threat to their Communist agenda and made me their No. 1 target. They kicked me off of committees because I’m just like you, a proud American tired of business as usual in the Swamp.But when Republicans take back the majority in 2022, it will be a different story. I will be back on committees and the GOP will have the power to make them useful.I’d be honored to serve on Oversight to hold the Democrats accountable for abusing their power to punish their political enemies, Judiciary to push through my articles of impeachment on Joe Biden, Foreign Affairs to to put America First and China Last and Appropriations to oversee Americans’ hard earned tax dollars.Why did you decide to run and what makes you the best GOP nominee?I’m running for re-election because my work to put the People over Politicians is just beginning.I’ve become one of the most effective members of the Republican Party by demanding that our party fight for the values of our voters, not corporate donors.Failed “leaders” like Mitch McConnell and Liz Cheney are far too eager to work with Democrats to pass Biden’s America Last agenda and reject the priorities of grassroots conservatives.Republicans are going to take back the House in 2022, but we aren’t going to do it with pathetic empty campaign promises written by DC consultants.The GOP must put the People first by fighting to end skyrocketing inflation, secure our border, stop Critical Race theory, protect the unborn, ban vaccine mandates, and champion the American worker and small businesses.We will win if we fight for President Trump’s America First agenda in Congress just like I have since I was sworn in.Do you have any outreach events coming up and how can voters find out more about your campaign?My re-election campaign is in full swing and events are being added to the calendar every day. I look forward to seeing everyone across Northwest Georgia. I encourage everyone to go to mtg4america.com to sign up for updates and follow me on all social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, GETTR, Telegram, Gab. Be sure to look for my verified account.

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