Russian court accidentally documents Moscow’s military presence in Donbas


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The problem is, Russians still believe that they are innocent, and that taking territory from another sovereign country is the norm.

Unfortunately, it was always the case with Russians from 18th Century. It never changed, and as long as the current government that is run like a KGB operation is in place - there will be censorship and there will be war, because Russia will benefit from it.

Invading Ukraine cuts off transit of gas to southern Europe. Belarus is already threatening to cut off gas to central Europe. Nord-Stream is not yet operable. The Black Sea pipeline that goes into Bulgaria and further will be turned off from Serbia onwards, as they are under pressure from Russians due to having "the lowest prices of gas in Europe" (except Belarus, which is at this point is slowly getting integrated into Russia).

Times are fucked, and Europe can not respond in any way other than letting Ukraine be and letting it fall.

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