First coral IVF babies on Great Barrier Reef have produced next generation


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If there is no hope, then who cares? Let's keep on going like we always have. Burning fossil fuels and polluting the oceans. Without hope there is no motivation for change.

This is a growing issue with our world. People refuse to do anything. "It's somebody else's fault. Somebody else's problem!"

Apathy is the enemy of society. Hope is the opposite of apathy. We can sit and cry or we can embrace even a glimmer of hope and at least try.

Again I pity people like you. The ambition to at least try based on a small glimmer of hope is what has allowed society to advance to where it is. If history was dominated by those without hope, women would not be able to own land. Or vote. We would have never made it to the moon. London would never have been able to stand against German Invasion, and the sound barrier would never have been broken.

Do as you wish of course. Sit and do nothing. Succumb to dispair. But do not discourage those who wish to hope. Who dare to dream.

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