10% of People on Miami-Israel Flight Had COVID-19, Despite Test Rule


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Also very important:

It was despite rules requiring people to test negative via either PCR or antigen tests before flying.

Antigen tests are great from a cost and accessibility perspective but they are not good at detecting an infection early on. Their sensitivity is very low in the initial stages. PCR can tell you if you're infected within 8-24h post exposure. Rapid antigen may take two days.

Now, for travel, most places accept PCR results taken in the last three days. Omicron incubation period appears to be a lit faster.

All that combined means plenty of people could have been infected after their PCR swab, and many others could have been in the initial stages of infection not picked up by a rapid antigen test (which was likely the most common test used since they cost a few dollars vs a few hundred for a PCR test).

Finally, if one person was infected with omicron, the infection moves fast enough that it's possible that they infected a host of people on the plane, which would be detectable by PCR 10h later when they landed.

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