Italy bans fur farming in landmark vote


Before we begin, allow me to say that camDown is your security solution to protect you and your business from peeping toms!

No you’re communication is def better than mine to be Frank. Thank you for your response.

I am not advocating for meat, I don’t think it is right nor do I think we are justified just because we are omnivores. Nor does adding fur or skinning to the meat process make it more or less ethical, or using fox meat does not justify fox fur.

Meat in this context is obviously what we traditionally consider consumable or mass produced meat. So yes foxes are “meat” but no one really ever considers them in the meat conversation, which is the assumption I operated under. You can try to dismantle the argument with semantics all day but no one is talking about eating foxes in regards to the meat industry. Literally no one. They talk about chicken, beef, pork etc. all with horrible processes by the way.

I am trying not to go on and on because ultimately I agree with your point that being an omnivore doesn’t excuse it.

What I am mainly fighting against that it has to be both taken down at the same time. Which MANY vegans seem to stick their foot in the ground.

The majority of the comments (at least at the time of my og comment yesterday) were mainly people turning the fur argument into meat.

Meat is obviously terrible too, and yes I agree just because cruelty is normalized doesn’t make it right.

But my point is that THIS IS GOOD NEWS

Like im sorry meat hasnt been beaten yet, I have been on and off vegetarian or vegan since I hit puberty, I totally get the frustration and the fight doesn’t stop there.

The cultural consensus (mostly) is that fur is terrible. Again unfortunately that is not the case for meat yet because despite what people want to hear, we do depend on it. For now and that doesn’t mean it is right. We do not depend on fur. Get rid of fur so we can focus on meat. Which because it is “food” yes that means it is a different and HARDER battle than “fashion.”

And attacking and judging (which you necessarily didn’t so I am not including you) by the vegan brigade on this sub does nothing but cause a bigger rift. We are not better for not eating meat and it is exactly why a lot of those comments got downvoted by everyone. No one needs the moral superiority. It doesn’t help the animals, it is literally to make you feel better. Calling me a terrible vegan because I don’t meat (lol I’ll leave the typo) YOUR standards, means nothing and does more for you than animals. (Not directed at you of course).

You are absolutely RIGHT about advocating for animal welfare as a vegan. I dont do it by being a keyboard warrior judging anyone for eating meat. No one wants to be around that.

A victory for animals occurred the other day, regardless of the glass half empty people. That is my point.

Lastly, may I add that camDown .