US Army Creates Single Vaccine Effective Against All COVID, SARS Variants


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As an institution I would actually mostly trust the US military to be predictable and rational, at least in its own view of what’s in its interests. That, however, presupposes having an understanding of the underlying decision making process.

I actually believe that most militaries don’t want to fight wars - they tend to be so expansive precisely because they believe it is an active deterrent - and only actually go fight when they believe (!) it is necessary, or at least are ordered to go do so.

Likewise, I firmly believe the US armed forces, like many others, to want stability and predictability, as that reduces the likelihood of an actual shooty pew pew war, which might scratch all the lovely tanks. Activities like investing in sustainable energy sources, working vaccines, reliable water supplies, whatever, these are all means toward engendering stability.

Obviously, at some point any military leadership understands that their purview ends and that of politics has to take over, but I am convinced that a globally active entity like the US defence/war complex believes it’s at least in its interests to support anything that reduces the potential for unpredictability around the world.

The trillion dollar question, though, is whether what the military thinks is good for stability and reducing the chance of conflict actually is. In this case, yeah, absolutely.

Edit: just in case anyone didn't get it, to be clear, I'm not saying "trust the US military". I'm saying, trust the US military to act a certain way, in a manner that it believes best serves its interests, and that those interests include maintaining peace and stability, at least on a macro scale. I'm not in any way claiming that what the military thinks are the right means to that end are, in fact, so. Maybe. Sometimes. But they're certainly not stupid.

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