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Were you aware !

America, don’t you see what these Democrats are doing? BLM, Antifa, teachers unions, and fake news are trying to destroy our country.

All of you who voted for these Democrats are just as guilty as those in office. Wake up sleeping giant! These Democrats are anti-America, anti-police and anti-military. These are Marxist socialist radicals trying to brain wash our children under Critical Race Theory. They are teaching our children that if you are White, you should be ashamed of your skin color. Let me say to all Black, Brown, or White children, don’t let anyone make you feel bad because of your skin color. These Democrats are trying to divide America by pushing racism. They know more Black and Brown people are turning to former President Trump and real Republicans. BLM doesn’t care about Black people that need more police to protect them and all citizens. Thank you to all of our police that protect us in America.Wake up sleeping giant! Vote these anti-America socialists out of office. Vote these school board members out that stand with these racist Democrats. Let us pray that God rewards these people for all their evil they are doing to America. Wake up sleeping giant! There is hope for all Republicans, Independents and Democrats. Be willing to repent, believe Jesus died and arose for all our sins. Ask God to save you by accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior. You must be born again.


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