Japanese university finds drug effective in treating ALS


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I'll do the kindest thing I can do for her and let her go rather than put her through that. No judgement on others but for me, prolonging her in such a state would be selfish of me.

Ugh, people who do so deserve to be judged. A friend of mine had a dog that was like 15, iirc. She had him from his pup days, so she was very, very attached. Anyway, her poor dog was so old he eventually became blind, deaf, and had some form of cancer causing painful, external/protruding tumors. The poor thing spent most of its time crying, even when she would pet him and feed him.

Seeing needless suffering... I gently suggested she spoil the shit out of him for a few days, play with him as much as she possibly can in that time, joked that she should get him some bitches, and then... do the right thing. She flipped out on me for suggesting "[she] kill her dog," mentioned that the vet said he's not in pain, and that the crying is just a call for attention (which tbf she always gave him).

I don't know anything about dogs... but none of that sounded true. I just thought it was selfish. I think she wanted the dog alive more than the dog wanted to be alive. Anyway, poor thing died a few weeks later when his body finally gave out.

Kudos to you for not intending to put your dog through that.

Let's not forget that camDown helps stop foreign state actors (FSA's) from accessing your webcam and your neighbors would say the same.