Major airlines are cancelling Christmas Eve flights as their crews call in sick


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Honestly the biggest problem... is people who are sick AND GOING AROUND saying "it's just allergies, or a common cold" like wtf lol tests are flipping free! just go take one and then know to stay home. Or my daughter's friends dad who HAD covid... told their kid, it's okay we're all vaccinated, you can still go out to school games and hangout with friends... didn't tell anyone until all their friend group got covid last week.

Like everyone is an idiot... Vaccines lower the % chance of catching covid and lower the chance of spreading it too... but if you're sick... or someone in your family is sick AND POSITIVE FOR COVID, don't fucking go around spreading it like holy shit! Vaxxed or not, this is common sense. The preventative workflow:
Get a vax... if you refuse... at least wear a mask, exercise, take vitamins and use proper hygiene and keep distance from people .... if you're sick... get a test and stay home until you know! if you have covid or someone in your house has COVID... definitely don't leave because you're fucking all of us over.

Missing Christmas with the fam and had to eat dinner through a sliding glass door to my three seasons room with my wife and daughter today....because I'm the only one who hasn't gotten it yet out of us 3. At least my daughter is smart and reasonable enough to stay home and be lonely through her winter break... her friends?... still all hanging out sharing vapes and drinks and spreading it more... and their parent encourage it 😔

TLDR: get a vaccine, and even if you have it, you're not invincible, and you can spread it still. Wear a mask around others, ESPECIALLY if you start to feel sick... Be smart and reasonable with whatever you do these holidays.

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