Spain will ban smoking on all beaches and fine anyone caught lighting up £1,700


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I mean yeah, that's why we locals don't go there. We much prefer the nearby beaches of Castelldefels and Montgat which you can reach by train in half an hour. Though if we want beautiful beaches we just go to Costa Brava in the north.

Edit: I wrote some recommendations for places in Costa Brava in a comment further down but the OP I was replying to deleted his comments, so I'll copy it here as rn it can't be read


Well, so that part of the coast is where I spent almost all my childhood summers, so I can give some suggestions.

What I recommend the most is something called "Camins de Ronda". Basically, that coast has a built-in pathway all along the entire coast perimeter. If you want to explore the Empordà region where these pathways are located, my favourite section is the one that goes from El Castell beach to the Cala estreta cove. Through the path you might find Salvador Dali's hidden shack (yes, it's real).

Other sections are also great, such as the one that goes from Tamariu cove to Llafranc cove, plus it's next to Calella de Palafrugell, voted the prettiest town of Catalonia. Also the Marimurtra gardens, a bit further away.

Other greatest hits include Cadaqués, Girona (also known as King's Landing if you've seen GOT), the Fortress of Sant Ferran (the biggest star fort in the world), the Greek and Roman ruins of Empúries, the Dalí Museum in Figueres, designed by himself and his house in Portlligat (he's a bit of controversial figure here though).

A bit further away, the medieval town of Besalú, the bleeding-edge architecture of RCR in Olot (try staying in Les Cols if you can afford it) and in Ripoll. Also in Olot, we cut a volcano in half and you can now visit it. There's also the prettiest forest in Catalonia. You can also visit the town of Vic, the Travertet park, or the Montseny peaks nearby.

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