Drunk man leads German police to Nazi altar, weapons


Have you considered !

Neo-nazism, not unlike most other forms of extreme ideology, from theological fanaticism to domestic terrorism, typically stem from a deep-rooted sense of helplessness or desperation; You spend years thinking both you and your country are somehow doomed, powerless, that you have no control over your own life and/or it has no control over itself in this era of interconnected politics.

Then you stumble upon this "glorious" icon, this promise of power and control over one's destiny, be it a promise built on vague economical goals and shaky political theory ("It's [random minority]'s fault for our current situation, let's get rid of them, and we'll be great again !"), a promise of a better existence after this life ("Yeah, the totally real God wants you to put on this suicide-vest and bring His light in that city market, totally. All your suffering so far was justified, you are his Champion !"), or a promise that the ends somehow justify the means ("the government is too corrupt for democracy to work, let's blow everything up, and build something new from the ashes, I swear it totally won't be somehow even worse !"), and, if desperate enough, people will believe it, because they truly want to.

So, yes, there is a psychiatric cure for Nazism, but more importantly there's a psychological prevention from the feelings of helplessness and desperation that allow neo-fascist thoughts, as well as all other forms of extreme ideology (From "Democracy doesn't work, let's go back to the monarchy" to "Let's join ISIS") to grow. These things can be prevented.

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