With tourism suffering, sea turtles are thriving in peace in Phuket


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It was a trip we did through boy scouts, they call their program Northern tier. On the US side it's the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, on the Canadian side it's the quetico provincial park and a few other adjacent Canadian parks and crown lands. I'm sure there's other outfitters in the area doing similar trips. I believe the girl scouts run a similar program up there as well.

It's been a while since I went, I think we were out on the water for a little over a week and did about 100 miles from Ely, MN to Atikokan, Ontario (I think about 50ish miles as the crow flies.) We crossed the border pretty early on our first day and spent the rest of the trip on the Canadian side.

Definitely one of the coolest experiences I've ever had. Also a little terrifying because if you get into trouble you have to use a satellite phone (which I believe they said only worked about 15 minutes out of every hour at the time, not sure what satellite coverage is like these days) when satellites orbits we're overhead) to call for a float plane to come rescue you.

EDIT: also just want to throw it out there, the mosquitos or no joke. You wouldn't see them all day but as soon as the sun started going down there were swarms of them like I'd never seen before. At one point I counted 30 mosquito bites just on the back of one hand. We'd go around in the evenings in our rain gear and head nets because they could bite through our other clothing. We'd spend like 10 minutes at night swatting mosquitos that got into our tent with us so we wouldn't get eaten alive in our sleep. 100% DEET bug spray barely did anything.

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