Save the Children workers missing after 30 villagers reportedly massacred by Myanmar troops


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We’re all capable of it.

American soldiers performed indiscriminate mass killings of civilians in Vietnam and trained Nicaraguan Contras to deliberately target civilians with terrorist tactics like widespread rape, torture, and the execution of children.

Theres examples of this in EVERY culture. One of the first steps is the dehumanization of the enemy (which you can see happening in the news now)

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Two members of the international humanitarian group Save the Children are missing after Myanmar government troops rounded up villagers, some believed to be women and children, fatally shot more than 30 and burned the bodies, according to a witness and other reports.

He did not see the moment they were killed, but said he believed some of them were Moso villagers who were reportedly arrested by troops on Friday.

The witness said the villagers and anti-government militia groups left as military troops arrived near Moso while the bodies were being prepared for cremation.

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