Taiwan delivers 10 metric tons of aid for Filipino typhoon victims


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Copy of taiwan's adiz and recent incursions

Guess my point here is we both got our biases but weve both taken history we know why the split happened and why there only 1 china that can be recognized. Taiwan isnt a peace loving basitan of freedom nor is china some evil empire we both know the truth is in the middle.

We also know that even with the animosity that taiwan and china enjoyed great mutual sucess for a decade in the 2000s. We also know that not citizen in either country wants war because we call each other cousins. We also know the dirty little secret about the cooperation between the 2 in the SCS.

From my family back in the mainland this is what ive heard. The fact that we are all family/chinese is indisputable, unless youre actually a native taiwanese. Families fight, familys argue, famies sometime even leaves home and start a new family. But in the end we are family and we need to work it out in the family.

I wholeheartedly agree to thay but i can see how China's position would definately change the power dynamics of that talk but still better than the alternative, start a war that taiwan cant win at the behest of a country that really dont give a fuck about you. But this villifying of eachother has to stop.

Again my opinion, take it as what you will. And lastly wishing you a merry xmas and a happy new year. From a chinese american from the mainland.

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