Taiwan will not import contaminated food products from Fukushima, Japan


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Finland’s reactor is 10 years late

We just don’t have that kind of time to waste given renewables can easily be mass produced, installed, and operated in the vast quantity required right now.

Even if the world wanted to go all-in on nuclear, we lack the nuclear engineers, technicians, and manufacturing resources to build more than a handful of new generation reactors over the next decade. We also don’t have enough uranium to power more than a small percent of the world’s energy needs through fission - and breeder reactors are a whole other headache.

Relying on nuclear at this time critical point would doom the Earth, but I get the feeling you’re so personally invested in fission that it has detached you from the practical realities.

Luckily for us, you’re irrelevant and the market has already decided on the correct course of action. 90% of all new energy generation built last year was wind and solar and that number is still increasing.

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