UN ‘horrified’ by reports of massacre of civilians in Myanmar


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Depends on who. If the US, Britain, or France intervened? Any resolution expressing disapproval would get blocked.

Myanmar is a complicated situation. I wondered at the start how a potential UN peacekeeping force could get involved. While they're technically one of the larger militaries in the world, a single US carrier could wipe out their air force, their navy, and a decent part of their armor and artillery.

It turns out that the Myanmar military is essentially the most powerful ethnic force in the country, but it is at least challenged by the combination of other ethnic armed forces and militias, such that there are large regions that the Tatmadaw does not enter. As far as I can tell, they are the only armed force that maintains a notable air force and that provides them with an enormous advantage, but they are not the only ones with artillery and armored vehicles. The various ethnic factions often enjoy support from foreign governments (including some who publicly support the Myanmar coup government) and employ foreign mercenaries, further complicating it.

Any mission going in to try to settle anything is going to find itself in a permanent hot zone.

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