Crisis response teams achieve 70% reduction in people taken into custody under Mental Health Act


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I have learned to not tell anyone ANYTHING after being sectioned twice by my family when I wasn’t even suicidal. They’re control freaks, found out I was drinking (I was but I was okay and did NOT need to be out away).

On two occasions cops and paramedics arrived, strapped me to a gurney and took me away. In a recent case where I was in duress but literally just needed to talk to someone, two cops showed up for a welfare check. I ended up staying with a friend for three days / with covid I literally just needed to be around someone to get out of my funk. I no longer talk with my family because I get severe ptsd and anxiety over them calling the cops on me for simply making assumptions of where my head is at.

I know to go to my friends and therapist. But my god in the US do NOT call the cops on someone in duress.

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An ex called me randomly about a year after we’d broken up. He’d blocked me a few weeks after our breakup because his new girlfriend (now wife, I think) was pretty batshit and insisted, even though we were on friendly neutral terms before that. So one day I’m napping and wake up to a call from him, only when I answered he asked for some guy’s name I didn’t know. I was still half asleep and confused so I just said “wrong number” and ended the call. He called again and I ignored it. He texted for random guy’s name, and I replied until he realized/acknowledged it was me. I wasn’t upset or anything, it was all neutral. An hour or so later, I’m sitting on the back steps waiting for my ride to the doctor when a cop car pulls up and two guys get out. They seemed as surprised as I was, and didn’t seem to know for sure who they were there to check on—they only had a last name, but my mom lived at the same address. Since they seemed confused about who exactly they were there to check on, they just awkwardly clarified no one on the property wanted to hurt themselves (???) and left. It was bizarre. He had a friend with some kind of city job, he used to offer to have the cops check on my mom when I was away from home awhile so I confronted him about it via text. He claimed he just wanted to “make sure I was okay.”

Bonus: had to deal with his batshit girlfriend after a delayed text response from me (he mentioned he deleted text histories as he went because of her and it was immediately obvious the person responding didn’t have any of the context—went from involved conversation to “hi how are you” level exchanges). She tried to pretend the whole thing was her tricking me (because batshit), I just said it didn’t really sound like her on the phone and sent her calls to voicemail. Haven’t heard from either of them since. Don’t date crazy, folks. Especially if you aren’t in a small enough town that the cops will likely just be sheepish and embarrassed if someone sends them to you for no reason,

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